I buy a fair amount of parts from Small Bear Electronics including their 9mm right angle PCB pots--they have single, dual, and concentric. Very useful for audio DIY--and affordable! Unfortunately I couldn't find an existing library with these parts. It should be out there right? I am sure it is but I couldn't find it!

So, I created my own Eagle library for this. You can get it off Github. A description of this library and basics about library creation can be found in the Audiodiwhy blog. As always if you find problems etc. let me know by commenting on the blog and I'll fix 'em.

Files to download:

To test this new library, I created a "proof of concept" PCB, zip of an Eagle schematic and brd file can be downloaded here. You'll probably want to modify the board before creating gerbers--I can see adding dupont connectors for instance vs. what I have here. From some very quick (too quick?) tests, so far it's worked. Most important, the pots fit into the custom library packages! I will keep after this.